About us

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Pompeia Life began its journey 22 years ago, following a serious reflection on the passivity of the "natural" health sector in Spain, with the aim of proposing novel products and leaving the pre-established canons.


Little hygiene, little beauty and a lot of taboos predominated in a sector that we love and in which we believe, as long as it is updated as it is doing in recent years.

Feminine intimate hygiene was considered an offensive subject and therefore it was not even thought that there might be products for such purpose.


Were we enlightened to think, formulate, manufacture and present Olevm íntimo di Pompeia, the first cosmetic for intimate feminine hygiene?


We were brave and consistent precursors to the time we live and the needs of every woman who values herself.


Today our products are a reference both in health and hygiene, being recommended by gynecologists and dermatologists and highly appreciated by the public.


Pompeia Life, committed with your well-being and quality of life

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Fiore di Pompeia
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