Fiore di Pompeia

Hygienical solution for intimate wash

Fiore di Pompeia Solución higiénica para lavados íntimos

Fiore di Pompeia is an aqueous solution with 8 plant extracts for the hygiene, protection and hydration of delicate feminine intimate areas and is the ideal complement of  Olevm íntimo di Pompeia:

  • Protects and hydrateshe vulvar mucosa.
  • Recommended for daily intimate hygiene, especially during menstruation and before and after having sex.
  • PH similar to the vulvar area's.
  • Doesn't contain lactic acid.
  • It can be used during pregnancy.
  • Slightly foamy and with a pleasant smell.
  • It is presented in atomizer to facilitate its application and achieve an optimum result.

Botanical actives: Tea tree oil, Elderberry, Ivy, Large leaf linden, Mallow, Parietaria, Arnica, Cucumber.


Size: 120ml


MSRP: 15,99€