Olevm di Pompeia Skin & Mucoses

Anal & Perineal care and relief

Olevm di Pompeia Piel y Mucosas

Olevm di Pompeia Piel & Mucosas has been created to provide fast relief of the anal and perineal areas, especially in cases of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and constipation.


Due to its balsamic and regenerating effect, it is a great help in cases of constipation, diarrhea, itching, stinging, etc.


Thanks to its studied exclusive formulation, you will enjoy better health and quality of life.



Active botanicals: witch hazel (anti-inflammatory, astringent), horse chestnut (venous tonic, anti-inflammatory, astringent), tea tree oil (antiseptic, germicide, sedative), marigold (soothing, anti-irritant).


It can be used during pregnancy.


Size: 30ml with atomizer.


MSRP: 21,40€